After Math: Some good news for a change

  • May 24, 2020
Feels like we’ve gone a day short of forever without hearing something positive and reassuring about the state of this quarantine. Folks around the country and around the world are cooped up, stressed out, and just waiting for the other shoe to drop….

Recommended Reading: COVID-19 and AI health care

  • May 23, 2020
COVID-19 will accelerate the AI health care revolutionKai-Fu Lee, WiredThe coronavirus pandemic will cause us to rethink major aspects of everyday life around the world, but it may also expedite the use of artificial intelligence in health care. Sino…

‘Justice League’ Snyder cut is coming to HBO Max in 2021

  • May 20, 2020
Against all the odds, the mythical “Snyder Cut” of Justice League will finally get its day in the sun. You’ll able to watch it in 2021, provided you shell out money to subscribe to HBO Max. On Wednesday, WarnerMedia said it plans to release Zack Snyd…